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Parent's Responsibilities ang Policy

This handbook is created to facilitate a positive, productive relationship between Creative kids CDC, 2, LLC and the Parents/Guardians that we serve in support of children’s healthy development and a successful transition from childcare center to school. Please read the policy Statement, discuss with us any concerns may have, and sign the policy agreement and statement and return that copy back to us.

CKCDC 2 provides license childcare services to children ages 6weeks & 11 months in James City Country and neighboring counties/city. CKCDC2 Vision and mission is to provide a healthy, loving, nurturing educational environment for children. parents, and staff. Offering quality learning and childcare development by trained educators whose goals is to help each child through their journey We request that are parents to partner with us in their child’s development and learning to ensure the child is receiving support at all angles. We understand transitions can sometimes be tough but we here to support everyone along the way. Always remember Kids Help to Create a Better Future!

To fill an opening, a completed registration packet must be submitted along with your registration fee $ioo.00 and a start date. Registration fees are non-refundable. If child does not attend the facility within 30 days of the requested start date child’s reserved spot will no longer he valid unless written confirmation has been approved through director/owner.

Parents/Guardians should give two-week notice in advance of termination of child’s enrollment. There is a withdrawal from that will need to be filled out. If termination is by the center, notification will give in writing along with one weeks advanced notice.

Parents/Guardians are expected to provide transportation to and from the center. All children that attend different school transportation will be provide by the center if if local to the center ang arrangement have been approved by the directors/owner. School center caters to that are not on our school bus or transportation line will be Griffin Yates & Magruder Elem. If the number of children is over 5 at each school.

No child will be permitted to enter the building after 10a.m we have structural time we do not allow interruptions. The front doors will be locked at 1o a.m. no exception. In compliance with the Department of Education children attending the center Must be signed in and out daily upon entering the building with your child and upon leaving the building at pick up. No child/children will be released to any person other than those listed on the enrollment form and with proper identification. If a change for pick up is necessary, then provisions must be made in advance by the parent or guardian and the name will be added t0 the enrollment form. Parents/Guardians may be called to verify pick-up. Transportation fee will be added for transportation cost for all school pick up and drop offs if the numbers are approved. Late fee of $5 per every 5mins after 6:30 pm. Covid is still present mask must be worn when entering & leaving the building. Only one related family is allowed to be in the waiting area at a time please respect the parent ahead of you together their belongings for departure.

Creative Kids CDC 2, LLC will provide a nutritional breakfast, a well-balanced lunch daily as well as an afternoon snack before departure. Children with Special Diets/ Food Allergies must be discussed with personnel in advance. If the food must be provided from home, then it must be supplied daily in which cannot  be fast food. Food for celebrations such as (Birthdays) and field trips may be provided by the parent/guardian and should be given to staff so it may be checked and stored properly. All items must be in their original, unopened packages.

Cribs and Mats will be provided for all children to use during schedule rest periods during the day. All children will participate in rest your body time even though they might not go to sleep. After some time has pass quiet time activities will be provided for these children who choose not to rest.

Each child in Creative Kids CDC 2, LLC will be encouraged to develop self-control and self-direction though positive reinforcement methods. Age-appropriate rules have been set and will be discussed with your child so that he/she will always know what is expected. Parents are asked to work with us to facilitate a smooth transference between the center and the home. The purpose of discipline is to assist the child in developing inner control.

CKCDC2 recognizes that biting is a normal stage in childhood development. Younger ones who bite for developmental reasons such as teething will be developmentally understood. However, for older children CKCDC2 will have zero tolerance for biting and fighting. Many steps will be taken with parents for preventive actions. If improvements are not shown continues harm too other students occurs will result in dismissal from our program.

Children’s garments should be marked with their full names. A complete change of clothes should be brought to the center, along with any other necessities your child may need to get through a day. (Example: Pull-ups, Pampers, Wipes, etc,) Emergencies arise in which a change of clothes may be needed. These items will be sent home on a reqular basis so that they remain fresh for use. Please dress children appropriate, sturdy playing clothes, as they will be involved in all types of activities. Please pay special attention to the weather and dress your child accordingly.

Outdoor play will be a routine part of your child’s day if weather permits. For your child’s safety while on the playground we do ask that you put on the appropriate footwear, tennis shoes/ (sneakers) preferred. Children playing n the playground must have a closed in toe and heal to participate in any activities on the playground for the protection of their feet. The mulch on the playground is an excellent fall absorption material, but it could also cause injury to the bottom of the foot if not covered properly. So, if the child is wearing sandals or shoes to the center, please send along with the child a pair of socks and the appropriate footwear for the playground and outdoors activities.